An Assortment of Kickass Feminist Comic Strips

An Assortment of Kickass Feminist Comic Strips


I rather enjoy Pinterest. It’s almost an entirely self-contained social media platform in that I don’t have to be social at all. I browse through things that others have posted, check them out, save them for later, and occasionally post my own stuff. There’s no chatting or groups or whatnot, I just browse and browse and browse. It is utterly wonderous to be on a social network that lacks trolls and flamers. As I do so, Pinterest gets a sense of what I like and suggests things. Recently, the ‘Picked for You’ pins have lead to some rather brilliant comic strips. So I thought it’d be fun to share some of these artists whose work has moved and challenged me.

Right now, one my favorite artists (and Twitter personality,@GynoStar) is Rebecca Cohen. She routinely hits the nail on the head with her comics.

rebecca cohen

I find her style to be…

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Minor Project: House Experiment

Hello again!

I decided that while I was too tired to do anything too intense that I should at least do some more experimentation, especially given I have recently started Modelling and Texturing.

Suffice to say, I may end up going for a scene where I design a small village or homes and I have often struggled with how to go about doing just that. Of course some of this came from my failing to realize that the rooms in shows are separate from the buildings and most buildings have nothing inside XD

However even with that realization, I like to experimenter with this subject and so I decided for a super simple model, using only three objects.

A cone, a cylinders and a pipe (Plus a plane I placed the murky water texture on, but that’s separate.)

Suffice to say I selected the inner faces of the pipe and used the scale tool to make the ‘walls’ thinner. I then used those same tools to enlarge the models. I created a cylinders, made is quite flat via the scale tool and made it wider before using the combine tool to fuse it with the pipe. I then place a cone I created on top and used the scale tool to flatten it down a bit.

I then created another cylinder and used the boolean tool to create a door, which also created what look like steps and fiddled around with lighting effects until I could light up the interior of the house and added some different wood mats to the various walls.

Oh, I also selected four faces at the base of the model after combining and extruded them out, then used the scale tool to angle them and this is the end result!


Also just used one of the standard ‘Outdoor’ Renderman global light mats.


The lighting inside the house wasn’t as effective as it looked in the render sadly 😦 I also did not unwrap these as I am very sleepy.

Thanks for reading!

Sculpt Tool

Hello again!

Super brief update, sorry classes and other stuff have been very consuming.

untitled 1

I took Robowips advice and decided to play around with the sculpt tool, thanks so much for introducing me to it!

I found it rather engaging and while less controllable than doing it individually, the resulting lands looked more natural and were produced much faster.


Suffice to say I was mostly just running wild with it to get a feel and experimenting with the modes, suffice to say, very cool, I will definitely try to utilize it in the future.

untitled 2

Probably should have applied a pixar plane XD

Anyway thanks for reading, hopefully I have something more detailed next time!

How to Write Stuttering

How to Write Stuttering

Write for the King

As I worked to develop some of my minor characters, I decided to give one a stutter. Then I had to figure out how to write a stutter. Fortunately for me, I have a lot of resources to tap into for my research– one of my biggest resources has been my father who had a stutter for all his life.

Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Stutter

But before we beginning talking specifically about stuttering, there is one very important rule for writing any dialogue that we need to remember:

Don’t go overboard with phonetics

It is a basic rule for respecting your reader’s tolerance level. You should never write speech exactly as it is pronounced if you are writing a character with an accent or a stutter because it will kill your reader’s brain. I stumbled across one blogger who enthusiastically declared, “I r-r-recom-m-mend you wr-write st-st-stuttering like th-this,” and then proceeded to write the entire article in…

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Minorities, Race & Ethnicity in Fantasy

The Chandra Tribune

I was perusing the blog over at The Speculative Salon earlier and started to write a response to Stacie Carver’s latest post, World Building Questions, in which she talks a little about “the status of women and minorities,” among other things, in speculative fiction.  As usual, my response turned out to be long.  However, this time it was exceptionally long–so much that I thought posting it on the blog would be more of a nuisance than a contribution that could be quickly read and easily digested–you know, like fast food (not).

So instead of littering the Salon with my long-winded musings, I thought I’d just go ahead and blog about it here.  Yay!  Lucky you, reader.

(Originally I wasn’t going to blog at all today because I’m down to the last wire with my uber important Senior Project, which is turning out to be great so far but is

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