On James Gunn, Fake Outrage and Letting The Bad Guys Win


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As the entire world knows by now, Disney fired James Gunn – writer/director (with original screenplay co-credit to Nicole Pearlman, whose original draft of the material Gunn largely rewrote but was responsible for elements such as the revised composition of the team itself) of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films and (until now) said to be the key driving force of the future of the “cosmic” Marvel Cinematic Universe…

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Chibi Model: Another Successor!

Hello again!

Its me, sorry for the lack of activity, I have an Artstation account now and have mostly been working on study stuff. I have also downloaded and started working on Blender, which is wonderful and also free. I transferred a Chibi Model I had been working on into this, used some advice I had received from various locales including the Blender lessons to try and design the eyes, rigs ETC.

I ended up basing her on Emerald Sustrai from RWBY Chibi and RWBY once I gave her a green bowl cut on impulse.

I have also managed to rig and animated the eyes, yay! 😀

Sadly I can’t upload that video so I’ll have to utilize it elsewhere.

The eyes are also flattened/squished orbs and discs as making actual eyeballs proved too troublesome to bother with.

Thanks for reading!



“So what?” is a two word retort that, deployed properly in the correct instance, I’ve long considered to be perhaps the best rhetorical disarming maneuver available in the English language. Two words, two syllables, paired with the exact right combination of inquisitive cadence and matter-of-fact inflection, capable of sweeping an opponent’s most powerful thrust – even the killing blow! – aside with such casual confidence so as to leave them stumbling, stunned, bewildered at their inability to land the blow and (ideally) at a loss for what (if anything) they should do next.

The key, as with any good parry, is to wait them out and let them make what they are sure is their masterstroke – to “hit their finisher” in the parlance of combat sport: Give them the room to make their case, tell their story, argue their point and paint what they fundamentally believe is a vivid…

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Faunus Rights Revolution (WW2) Inspired Poster

Hello again!

I made this piece as I think there should be a movie about the Faunus Rights Revolution (FRR) and these are who I would pick to be the Main characters (on the bottom) and antagonists (On the top) and wanted to practice my Photoshopping.

FRR Poster.png

I used this sight as a guide.


Newer, slightly tidier version (I removed the FRR)

FRR Poster 2.png

Personal Project: Fan Hover-Bike

Hello again!

I am back with another personal project, this time its based of an amazing RWBY fanart piece by dishwasher1910 that can be seen here:


I made it a point to take screenshots of all the major steps for the purpose of this post, so after importing the image as a plane to use as my guide I began blocking the model out from a cube.


I think I should have used this chance to thicken up the seat section and drag out the front more.

Following that and after testing the waters with the (3) key short cut, I smoothed everything, bringing me this model.


(I also did the majority of this modeling with half the model missing, so I could mirror and fuse it back into one full model later)

From which I dragged out the head-rest and back wing, making it a point to shrink the edge loops at the base of the wings and using extrude to create the cushions.


The next stage was to smooth again and use the greater versatility granted to me by the extra edge lops to selected multiple faces, hit extrude and then drag them inside the model to serve as the basis for where the engine would be contained.

I had to restart this process due to the initially clumsy manner in which I did this (Working in line view I lost perspective) but managed to course correct after bridging and reconnecting everything.

I also dragged out the seats more and created a duplicate of this model in order to delete everything but the top of the engine so that I could then extrude it out and create the glassy engine cover seen in the picture.

With that done, I divided the model into a softened and non softened version, though I frankly struggle to tell the difference.


From there, I moved onto the engine, created by floating dozens of smaller models onto the image plan, grouping them and dragging them onto the model, adapting and moving them wen necessary to make sure they fit.

I also created the foot cups and rockets separated as extruding them would have made the UVs terrible.


(Top is softened, bottom is normal.)

I also connected the raised ridge next to the head-rest to the segment of the bike above the head-rest.

With that done, I embarked on a quick texture job using the supplied textures offered by Renderman to re-familiarize myself with them and finish off the model.


Due to it being 11:30 I decided to just do a broad stroke texturing to get the primary materials and colors across.


The furthest to the front is softened, the back one is normal.


All in all, for an evenings work I am fairly pleased with he results and felt it was excellent practice for the creation of engine and similarly complex models along with giving me the chance to pay homage to an extremely skilled artist.

Thanks for the inspiration dishwasher1910!

I hope this was an interesting post, as always any feedback, comments or critique is most welcome, thanks for reading!

Chibi Model: Arslan Altan (A Spiritual Successor)

Hello again!

Long ago I was uploading posts of an experiment chibi model, sadly due to computer issues and my inexperience I was unable to finish this model and had to abandon it.

Recently however I decided to use my free time to experiment and practice by making a new chibi, initially I planned to do just a base but it quickly spiraled into a more detailed model and character. This particular model is based on the RWBY character Arslan Altan and inspired by the series ‘RWBY Chibi’.

For reference this is Arslan and the series I am using as my main reference.

Due to not planning out this model I do not have as much ‘in progress material as usual save for some of my later versions of the model.

However the basic process I followed was using a low to high poly work cycle. I began by using the extrude tool on a simple cube I cut in half and adding edgeloops where necessary to box out a basic half body and hand.

Once complete, I mirror and combined the models and added several new edge loops to the head and began eyeballing (Using the move and scaling tool) to give it the right general shape before smoothing the model and moving it over to Z-Brush for more detailing.

I did have some issues with the finger, necessitating me moving the model back to maya to select and smooth the face and I do not believe I used proper procedure for the inside of the mouth and I left out teeth and ear detailing. I will do more research on these fronts. I did sink the eye sockets in, but should have removed them instead.

Overall I was quite happy with the end result, and with the extract tool and some video guides and guess work I was able to craft both and outfit and hair, in some cases several iteration of the same until I craft a version I was comfortable using.

What followed was Substance Painter and texturing and now applying those textures to create this:


I created some basic props to make the scene feel more alive.

I also remembered to smooth the model this time XD


While I know I have much more to learn I am quite proud of this piece, as always any comments or feedback is welcome!

(I will also be doing some Mixamo experiments.)